Monday, March 11, 2013

JournalSenate passed bill legalizing professional mixed martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts in NYS
A step in the right direction! This bill has been long overdue and could generate millions of dollars in revenue.  Government continues to control individual choices, when most of these athletes practice in NYS and travel to other states to compete. 

Time for big brother to back off individual choice!

Journal MMA


Anonymous said...

The downside to this humancock fighting is that our children suffer from illusions of grandor.. They try to copy the violence and people get hurt or worse..
The control freaks up here write letters daily to take smoking our of movies, take smoking ads off the air children cnt drink until 21, we need a county ban on smoking on our property, the city banning smoki g in our parks...
I agree none of this serves any good anyway so let the kids watch this shit, but control what else they wztch

Anonymous said...

It is not in NYS but it is on TV already. Not having MMA in NYS does not keep kids from watching MMA. That is what we have parents for.