Monday, March 11, 2013

Journal:Ogdensburg considers burning fund balance money faster than planned

School Budget!
It is a tight line to balance the budget but cuts are in place for the next school year. The three years of raises the teachers received plus their automatic step raises, combined with lucrative raises for the administration, plus the "see you later money" they offered to Vernsey when he retires could of saved jobs. Then again it is all about the kids!

I beat this to death, been in this school system too long!

Journal School budget


Anonymous said...

Way too much good ole boyism in this district .

As a result and there is just an overwhelming sense of Narrow. Minded ness that is a result of years of hiring friends , relatives .

and the system is stultifyingly inbred which limits potential to be a top performing organization .. ery few people have been RECRUITED and HIRED from outside the North Country and this is exactly why the system is limited .

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone left in Ogdensburg who isn't on drugs/in prison/insane?

Anonymous said...

Yup... Liz Lyons of the Journal.. Shes trying to drive a loal business out of business by defaming their cooking at their resturant.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing. The Ogdensburg City School District is STILL the best thing Ogdensburg has to offer. It's not perfect, but without out it, the city would have gone down the tubes years ago.

Is our Blogmaster a disgruntled former employee who feels he didn't get his fair share?

Anonymous said...

Heh all you gun enthusists.. Read
Upstate police locked in standoff with suspect after 4 dead in shootout at car wash, barber shop

gun nut said...

The one thing I can say about Cuomo and the elected officials, they put their name to their vote. 7:06 hides behind anonimity like a coward.

Anonymous said...

Anony 7:06 to bad carrying guns have become too restrictive. If any of these individuals were carrying it may not have gotten so far out of control.

Anonymous said...

How about the DA in Jeff County arrested for DWI, open container, and reckless driving? Should we ban alcohol, or cars, or DA's too? What if he had killed someone?
You want to blame the gun. What would have been the blame there? The car?