Saturday, March 23, 2013

Journal:City officials wary of plans to reorganize state mental health

SLPC ???
When they down sized the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center most of the clients were placed in the community and spread throughout the county. Many were geriatric individuals but many others are on their own.  We see some wandering the streets, or they are placed in housing, and many time they have to monitor their medication.

 The St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center is at bare bones and provide limited service to the area. Closing the center would have a major impact the individuals, families, and the economy of the area. You would think it could be utilized by the correctional facilities...they routine transport inmates to Clinton and Mid-state to be evaluated.

Time to consolidate services, it would save money! That's a new Idea.

Journal SLPC


Anonymous said...

You say its at bare bones and the journal says it employees five hundred.. Which is fact??
I do believe in consolidation but if it already is then what?
They havnt consolidated the prisons yet so I have a hard time supporting that...
We seem to have four represenatives up here three republicans and one democrat that are talking out of the wrong side of their mouth..
I need to know what the savings would be by shutting down our facility as opposed to other similar facilities. Nothing makes sense anymore
The Senate Republicans want to give a $350 rebate for households with a child making over $40.000.. Thats nice but what happened to the people most needy, the ones below that level? Ritchie got the cart before the horse on that one..The Republicans want to protect the millionaires from tax. Why?? So they will invest.. In what?? She voted for the tug hill commission to keep operating.. How much taxpayer money spent there?? Why because they are mostly old politically active Republicans...
Addie, and Ken are not without fault either.. they all spend their entire tenure representing us , but all they do is play politics .
Is our fault.. We dont really have the guts to stand up and reason things out, and sort out the phonies from the real represenatives. We meet a Senator and we go (WOW) shes a nice person I,m going to vote for her.. Lets take a close look at their records and when the polls open in 2014 lets put new people in those offices if the old ones dont produce..

Anonymous said...

The political system in NYS is broken , it no longer functions for the greatest good , but rather for special interests . This has been a long sloooow , debilitating decline that is the DIRECT result. Of GOOD , and ABLE. People OPTING. NOT TO GO INTO PUBLIC SERVICE .

The result : REGRESSION TO THE MEAN ' i e very average. To suboptimal talent fills the leadership void and because they are both pedestrian in terms of intellectual firepower and needy in terms of self esteem , we the taxpaying public suffers the the underwhelming performance .

IF we want serious change GOOD ! ABLE ! BRIGHT ! SUCCESSFUL people need to get into public service , otherwise IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE !

Anonymous said...

10:06: You are absolutely correct. The people of Ogdensburg (who had the swing votes) went for Ritchie rather Aubertine (even though Aubertine represented us very well.

Now we are paying the price for electing an unqualified and clueless "nice person"to represent us. When Sen. Ritchie signed on with Grover Norquist and his "No New Taxes Pledge", she immediately identified herself as someone who was a follower and not a leader.

St. Lawrence County has been in financial trouble since her election, and has not come up with one idea to help us. Not only that, she has done everything she could to block the bipartisan sales tax proposal could have helped us.

Give me a Republican like Gov. Christie of N.J. who takes care of his constituents first, and can THINK and act for himself. Pattie Ritchie should go back to being County Clerk or Dairy Princess or whatever where she can have her picture taken.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:14 spoken by a true democrat looking to put the blame on Ritchie for the counties problems.
Solve the over spending by increasing taxes. Sales tax actually hurts the lower income. Be carefull what you wish for!

Wen the Dems were incontrol, Aulbertine looked like a shining star compared to his fellow dems.

Last thing this area needs is another tax hike.

Anonymous said...

Ritchie has stood strong on increasing taxes. Time to cut services and take a few off the tit.

NYS has become the Nanny State, every illegal will flock to NYC becasue we provide the best health care and social services system in the country. Keep it up NYS.

Now they want to provide higher college assistants to illegal. Isnt that the cats ass.

Anonymous said...

1114 you say is a democrat but I am a registered Republican who voted for Rithcie once but likely never again.
She has done nothing of any consequence since being elected.
A. She promised reform is State government like authorites, and ocmissions which taxpayers cant afford.. Then she voted for them
B. She promised star rebate checks but has failed in that attempt then she backs the idea to give a $350 rebate this year to people making over forty thousand but mainly making in the six figure from Long island while she ignored the poorer in her own county.
C. She proposed and backed the states two percent tax limit which has put a strain on every minicipality in our county.
D. In order to offset this our legislators proposed a sales tax hike so all would share the pain and she has purposely been a opoponent of this.
E. In times like today she supports calling for less gun control and been a leader for a very small minority of voters in this state when the majority are comfortable with more controls..
She obviously dosnt represent us as her constituants rather she backs the NYC rich class in Long Island . She has opposed the tax on the rich from day one and taken large amounts of money for campaigns from these very people..
Not only democrats dislike what shes done and will continue to do but a lot of her fellow Republicns as well..

Anonymous said...

Cuomos budget calls for the closing of Bayville prison in Manhattan and another which there is a list of three one being OCF.. Talk is right now a prison in Dutchess county is the second choice but OCF is really close to closure I guess...

Anonymous said...

Good close it !!! And save the Psych Center

Juston's Take On Government said...

I agrre they should save the center.People with severe mental disorders should be moniterd and helped best ways possible.It saves alot of headaches in the future.If things keep declineing and services keep getting cut by the greed filled people at the top they will see a back lash at there own door step someday.I was somebody who also believed in Patty until I saw first hand who she was being controled by his name is Chris McKenna along with keeping James Wrights inside guys on the staff you will see nothing good come out of it.One thing I do like is that Patty & Addie are getting along half way decent.